We are a small specialty coffee roaster dedicated to offering you transcendent coffees produced with great care by skilled hands in Latin American lands.

We’re committed to sourcing clean quality green coffees, intentionally roasted to achieve a natural balance of flavors, characteristic of each terroir.

Café Cuate’s mission is to honor Latin American farmers and their efforts to grow and process the highest quality green coffee on the continent for the world to enjoy.

CUATE (QUA-teh) [Spanish from Nahuatl] TWIN, BUDDY, FRIEND


Roasted in Long Beach, CA

We roast fresh coffee every week using a Giesen machine at a local coffee cooperative. 

Arturo Enciso, head roaster and founder, believes that quality coffee speaks for itself and can express each crop's unique terroir through impeccable flavor, no matter how you brew it. 

Café Cuate starts with carefully chosen well-crafted, consistent, and clean coffees grown in Latino América from a range of single producers and cooperatives, selected by our reputable importer partners and vetted through our sample roasting process. 

Next, we bring the green seeds to Long Beach and roast them to bring out their natural sweetness and to reveal the unique flavor characteristics that reflect the soil, region, and processing methods of each crop.

Our coffees are roasted no later than 12 months past their harvest date to best represent their full potential.  

All these measures ensure an exceptionally flavorful cup every time you brew Café Cuate.


Transcendent Coffees

We specialize in offering coffees grown in Latin America. 

From central Mexico to Bolivia in the south and many countries in between, this rich continent we call home provides many prime growing regions for coffee. Our goal is to share the finest crops and skilled producers of Latin America with you.

By 'transcendent' coffees we mean: exceptional, surpassing what is considered normal (not necessarily supernatural or otherworldly, but we're not ruling out that possibility either.).

Our goal is to provide coffees that not only taste good but also make you feel good, leaving a pleasant and lingering sensation on your palate, enlivening both your body and mind.